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The Role of Data Sharing and Distributed Storage in Research - Visions for the Future

Science in the US is undergoing a significant change. Cyberinfrastructure or eInfrastructures tended to be funded for small projects for a single PI or very large science ventures (CERN LHC, NEON, NASA). What is emerging are medium-scale projects involving several universities and institutions. What architectures and capabilities are or will be needed by such projects and what effect will this have on the overall research computing ecosystem? Tune in on April 29th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT to hear from prominent, visionary researchers on their perspective. Short talks will be followed by a moderated discussion.

For in-depth information about this webinar, please visit the Open Storage Network website.

Please register here for this look into the future of data storage on a global scale.

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