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Find and use geosciences data and tools

What is GeoCODES?

GeoCODES is an NSF Earthcube program effort to better enable cross-domain discovery of and access to geoscience data and research tools. GeoCODES is made up of three components respectively:

  • An evolving standard for exposing data called science on schema

  • A set of tools to index relevant data from partners within the Council of Data Facilities who have adopted science on schema, plus a prototype portal to query that data

  • A Resource Registry by which to register and discover relevant tools

What problems is GeoCODES solving?


With the growing use of data and software to work with data within geoscience it is becoming a growing challenge to build off previous work towards new discoveries, in particular in the space of convergent research requiring data from across multiple areas.  GeoCODES is an effort which aims to improve discovery of and access to data while also providing a framework to expose new and emerging tools and computational capabilities around data.  


  • Discovery of and access to the outputs of EarthCube funded projects

  • Encouraging interoperability between funded projects and existing infrastructure

  • Encouraging best practices in the design, implementation, documentation, and distribution of funded project outputs

  • Encouraging the adoption of community standards

Image by Gatis Marcinkevics
Image by Siarhei Plashchynski

The GeoCODES approach 


GeoCODES adopts an approach analogous to the birth of the Internet, whereas rather than rolling out endless new incompatible technologies and leaving it to the user to work across these, we instead adopt a standard protocol by which all tools, new and old, can communicate with one another seamlessly.  For geoscience data this is science-on-schema, an extension of the popular plus the widely used format JSON-LD. 


EarthCube, ESIP, and the Council of Data Facilities have piloted the adoption of this standard across the partnering geoscience data centers, building search aggregators that can now crawl data center collections and  construct a centralized index by which users, or other software through a provided API, can find data of interest across all available sources.



Getting Started - Developer Resources

Start using GeoCODES


Search across several EarthCube-related repositories via the prototype GeoCODES portal.

If you are a data provider, the science-on-schema conventions tools will enable your data to appear in Google Dataset Search and be exposed in the GeoCODES portal.


Browse EarthCube tools, vocabularies, and services. The EarthCube Resource Registry is intended to provide immediate access to a list of EarthCube capabilities.



The EarthCube office is available to provide support around the adoption of science-on-schema as well as the usage of EarthCube tools.


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