Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure for Open Discovery in the Earth Sciences

The evolution of the P418 Pilot Project, GeoCODES is an emerging resource discovery platform comprised of intuitive web-based tools, REST APIs, and Python, R, and MATLAB notebook integration for a variety of services.

EarthCube GeoCODES Resource Registration Tools (BETA) EarthCube GeoCODES Resource Discovery Tools (BETA)

Beta Release of Core Features Coming Summer 2019!

The GeoCODES platform is an integration of Project 418, Project 418 GUI, Project 419 Software System Upgrade, and the EarthCube Resource Registry projects.

Project 418 Project 418 GUI Project 419 Software System Upgrade EarthCube Resource Registry

For Geoscience Researchers

Data Discovery

  • Quickly search for datasets across dozens of data providers
  • Search by text/keyword, spatial features, and time windows

Data Registration 

  • Easily generate, validate, and publish dataset metadata
  • Get your datasets discovered through GeoCODES and Google

Data Access

  • Access direct download links for discovered datasets
  • View spatial results using modern mapping tools

EarthCube Resource Discovery 

  • Search for EarthCube resources from its catalog of projects
  • Catalog includes software tools, services, databases, standards, and people

For Geoscience Data Providers

Organization Discovery 

  • Easily generate, validate, and publish organization metadata
  • Get your organization discovered through GeoCODES and Google

Data Registration 

  • Have your datasets indexed by GeoCODES’ cloud-based optimized databases
  • Have your datasets indexed by the Google Dataset Search Tool

Data Discovery

  • Easily generate, validate, and publish dataset metadata
  • Get your datasets discovered through GeoCODES and Google

Data Access 

  • Include dataset direct download links in published metadata
  • Data can then be directly downloaded through GeoCODES


GeoCODES Informational Webinar With EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) Technical Officer, Eric Lingerfelt:

Link to YouTube video of the webinar:

Link to the PowerPoint slides for the webinar:

Join the webinar on May 30th, 2019, at 1-2 PM MDT to learn all about GeoCODES and its capabilities. 


"EarthCube GeoCODES: An Emerging Platform for Resource Registration, Discovery, and Access”

One of the fundamental needs of geoscientists today is the facilitation of the discovery of multi-disciplinary data and other resources required to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and decrease time-to-science. We will introduce a new software platform currently under development called EarthCube GeoCODES, the “Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure for Open Discovery in the Earth Sciences”, which will provide geoscience researchers and data providers a suite of distributed online tools, cloud-based web services, and integrated electronic notebooks that will significantly decrease the effort required to (1) register organizations and their data and resources, (2) allow for cross-domain discovery of these resources through robust search mechanisms, and (3) directly access and investigate discovered data. By leveraging and implementing web standard metadata vocabularies, such as and other associated geoscience extensions, a recommended specification for interoperability has been applied enabling alignment and discoverability through GeoCODES and the Google Dataset Search tool. During this webinar, EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) Technical Officer, Eric Lingerfelt, will present the vision for the GeoCODES cyberinfrastructure and demonstrate current capabilities as well as provide a timeline for delivery of future software features, training opportunities, and paths to adoption in modern scientific workflows.