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Acknowledging EarthCube and Using EC Logos

The EarthCube logo and NSF grant number should be prominently displayed on posters, presentations, and reports describing work and results from EarthCube funded activities and awards. 


Logos in different styles and sizes are available free for use in posters, presentations, documents and any other non-commercial application. The files below are provided in .png format; if you need a different format, please contact the EarthCube Office.

EarthCube-Newblue-perfect square.png

For information on NSF requirements for acknowledging support, please see AAG, Ch. VI.E.4.  (section below)


4. Grantee Obligations

a. Acknowledgement of Support.  Unless otherwise provided in the grant, the grantee is responsible for assuring that an acknowledgment of NSF support is made:

(i)  in any publication (including Web pages) of any material based on or developed under this project, in the following terms:

"This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. (NSF grant number)."

(ii)  NSF  support  also  must  be  orally  acknowledged  during  all  news  media  interviews,  including  popular media such as radio, television and news magazines.

b. Disclaimer.  The awardee is responsible for assuring that every publication of material (including World Wide Web pages) based on or developed under this award, except scientific articles or papers appearing in scientific, technical or professional journals, contains the following disclaimer:

"Any  opinions,  findings,  and  conclusions  or  recommendations  expressed  in  this  material  are those  of  the  author(s)  and  do  not  necessarily  reflect  the  views  of  the  National  Science Foundation."

c. Copies for NSF.  The grantee is responsible for assuring that the cognizant NSF Program Officer is provided access to, either electronically or in paper form, a copy of every publication of material based on or developed  under  this  award,  clearly  labeled  with  the  award  number  and  other  appropriate  identifying information, promptly after publication.

d. Grantees also should note their obligations in regard to copyrights (see AAG Chapter VI.D.2) and their responsibilities  as members  of  the  scientific  and  engineering  community  to  disseminate  and  share  research results (see AAG Chapter VI.D.4).


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Other logos

Council of Data Facilities logo- Download pack here









For information on the NSF logo, please click here.

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