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Governance Election Results

The following EarthCube community members were elected for governance roles:

Isabel Cruz, Member at Large

Professor of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dave Fulker, Technology and Architecture Committee Representative

Board Chair & Past President of OPeNDAP, Inc Director Emeritus of UCAR’s Unidata Program, Co-Investigator on EarthCube/BALTO Project

Denise Hills, Member at Large

Geoscientist at the Geological Survey of Alabama

Stephen Kuehn, Science and Engagement Team Representative

Associate Professor and the Director of the Electron Microprobe & Tephra Lab, Concord University

Leah Levay, Member at Large

Expedition Project Manager/Staff Scientist International Ocean Discovery Program Texas A&M University

The newly elected positions will serve two-year terms* (June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2023).

*The EarthCube Office (ECO) is scheduled to conclude its cooperative agreement with NSF in July 2022. At this time it is uncertain how EarthCube governance will function post-ECO. Elected members will have the option at the end of ECO to continue service on the Leadership Council or terminate governance service.

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