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EarthCube Sustainability Report Released

In September, 2021, a group of community experts was assembled (called the EarthCube Sustainability Panel, see membership here) to articulate the community’s voice in regard to areas in EarthCube that currently have great momentum and which need to be sustained going forward. At the AGU EarthCube Town Hall in December 2021, a draft of their report was released for community feedback. The draft report described the sustainability actions to date and identified actionable pathways toward the sustainability of the most valued EarthCube community-driven initiatives and activities. We are pleased to announce that the community feedback has been incorporated and the final version of the document has now been released. This report will help us reshape and frame our efforts to meet future science and technology challenges and so special thanks go to the panel and community members for their efforts. The document has been shared with NSF and EarthCube governance, but please feel free to share it in your research circles as well. A Digital Object Identifier for the report is also forthcoming.

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