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EarthCube Learning Communities Fellows Tutorial

Join the EarthCube Leadership Council Learning Communities Working Group on January 28 when we host the Fellows Presentations session. With mentoring and guidance from the EarthCube Tech Team, two students and an early career faculty member fellows have developed notebooks and tutorials that incorporate existing datasets of value to the community. The webinar will run from 12-2pm (PST).

The session is free, but registration is required.


Megan Thompson-Munson: SUMMEDup tutorial- Google Colab is used to demo this tool for using the SUMup dataset of snow and firn density.

Nataly Chacon Buitrago: MobileNet tutorial will demonstrate this tool that could support identification of sedimentary structures in the field.

Roger Wang: This “Monoplotting” tutorial will demonstrate a technique for analyzing image data and extracting quantitative geoscience data.

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