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EarthCube Leadership Council Announces Four Awards for Governance Committee Projects

Earlier this fall, the EarthCube Office received $150,000 from the National Science Foundation for Governance Committee activities. Applications for projects have recently been reviewed by the Leadership Council with the following awards being announced:

Developing EarthCube Virtual Training Workshops

Description: The Science and Engagement Team working group “Geoscientists’ Engagement” proposes to engage more scientists with EarthCube technologies by developing and hosting a synchronous 3 hour virtual training workshop in Spring 2021 for an EarthCube technology that will result in the following outcomes: a 3 hour workshop template to help projects create a website, videos, curriculum, pre-survey, post-survey, and follow-up survey about continued use.

Team Lead: D. Sarah Stamps, Virginia Tech

Science and Engagement Team

Neutral Party Reporting for Unacceptable Behavior as Defined under the Community Participation Guidelines

Description: This project will develop and promote Community Participation Guidelines and establish a third party reporting system to handle complaints. Team Lead: Denise Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Science and Engagement Team; and Leadership Council

Sustainability models for integrated digital Earth Science beyond EarthCube

Description: This project is focused on characterizing different successful approaches to system-wide sustainability with respect to digital data, and communicating these approaches to the broader EarthCube and Geoscience communities.

Team Lead: Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Council of Funded Projects

Developing EarthCube Learning Communities Surrounding Notebooks

Description: This project will work to develop learning communities across EarthCube, using data analysis notebooks as an area of commonality. Webinars will be created as an outreach tool for this effort.

Team Lead: Emma Aronson, University of California, Riverside

Leadership Council

“We are happy to approve the funding of these projects as they truly exemplify important goals of the Governance Committees,” said Leadership Council Chairperson Mike Daniels. “The projects will address diversity, learning and sustainability as key priorities moving ahead into next year. I am very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the proposals and we look forward to working with the teams to accomplish the goals they have articulated.”

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