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EarthCube Community Award - Nominations due April 25

In an effort to keep individuals engaged in the EarthCube process, and to recognize the contributions of these individuals we are again awarding the EarthCube Community Service and Leadership Award and the EarthCube Legacy Award. The purpose of these awards is to recognize EarthCube volunteers who have shown contributions to the EarthCube community above and beyond their typical role within the organization. Many individuals contribute a significant amount of their time to EarthCube activities but are not officially recognized through named positions within the organization.

The Recognition Committee within SET is soliciting nominations from each EarthCube committee to ensure a diverse pool of candidates, representing the range of disciplines, career stages, academic institutions and backgrounds that make up the breadth of the EarthCube community.

The following guidelines for each nomination are suggested below:

  • The EarthCube Community Service and Leadership Award recognizes EarthCube volunteers who contributed significantly and measurably to advancing the goals of EarthCube. Contributions could be in the form of identifying a solution for a specific science or technical issue, as well as in providing leadership or exhibiting communicative enthusiasm in forging a path forward in an area which impacts multiple domains and in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Although many of the EarthCube participants are partially funded, the awards should recognize work performed as part of volunteer activities rather than as part of a funded project. Preference will be given to early career stage researchers, to encourage participation and showcase exemplary role models. Every EarthCube member is eligible for the EarthCube Community Service and Leadership Award.

  • The EarthCube Legacy Award recognizes community members who have been foundational to advancing and shaping EarthCube’s development. This award is a way to recognize outstanding leaders who have made a significant and long term lasting impact on EarthCube. Every EarthCube member is eligible for the EarthCube Legacy Award.

To the extent possible, awards will be given to volunteers whose specialties span the following committees: Council of funded projects (CFP), cyberinfrastructure (TAC), data (CDF), and SET. If someone participates in EC but is not a member of a committee, they may be selected as well if their accomplishments are relevant and significant.

Please submit your nominations here no later than 25 April.

The Recognition Committee will select three individuals to be recognized at the next Annual Meeting, scheduled for June 14-16, 2022 in San Diego. Final selection will be confirmed by the Leadership Council.

Each nomination should include the nominee’s name, institution, any special consideration (career stage, academic background, etcetera), and two paragraphs which should outline the individual’s contributions to the EarthCube community through their activities. The individual must be a member of the EarthCube community (by registering for the EarthCube newsletter).

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