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Connecting emerging lab data management capabilities to community geochemistry systems- October 6-7

We are pleased to announce the final workshop of the NSF EarthCube Geochronology project on October 6-7 in Denver. In this two-day community forum, we will discuss recent advances and plan future collaborations in the realm of geochemical data handling.


Over the past three years, the EarthCube Geochronology team has built the Sparrow lab information management system, prototyped new tools and formats for geochemical data interchange, and compiled new datasets using these capabilities. We will showcase this emerging lab-centered approach to geochemical data, seek input on how to build new integrations, and discuss impediments we have encountered and how to avoid them in the next phase of work.

Our work is situated within a broad community effort towards geochemical data standards and integration. We will discuss the activities of other organizations and, guided by the state of the art, plan future collaborations towards capable, scalable, and multipolar digital systems for Earth data handling.

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