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2018 AHM Preview: What is Success for EarthCube?

At the 2018 All Hands Meeting, Simon Goring will address a question that so many of us ask ourselves, “what is success”? Goring is an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Geography at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is the outgoing Co-Chair of the EarthCube Engagement Team, and representative on the Leadership Council, so his leadership has given him a unique perspective. Goring’s vision of EarthCube comes from an overarching big-picture view, we well as its many moving parts; both their successes and challenges. Understanding how it can be difficult to define, Goring wants to directly address what success for EarthCube means for all involved.

Simon Goring, Leadership Council Representative and Engagement Team Chair, will be leading a discussion on “What is Success?”

Measuring change on something so large-scale

EarthCube is complex, and the problems it aims to solve are complex. EarthCube’s goals follow from the Cyberinfrastructure for 21st Century white paper, with the goal of changing in the way we do science to support new discoveries over the next century, rather than supporting any single scientific discovery. Many of the positive impacts EarthCube has made have gone unmeasured, unnoticed. But they are there.

Success for individual teams, success for EarthCube as a whole

In his plenary he will give the context necessary to see this big picture by all those involved. This means context for those working on their own EarthCube projects. He’ll be talking clearly about what success would look like, and what effects achieving your goals can have.

This also means giving context about the greater EarthCube picture. Goring’s presentation will set the stage for Keynote Speaker Caroline Wagner, who will talk about her research in the field of science and technology and its relationship to policy, society, and innovation. Goring hopes that using her success as an example will give EarthCube affiliates better orientation for understanding our collective success.

Time for seeds to grow

Goring is most excited to showcase the ways in which EarthCube has impacted the discipline, beyond publications and products. He says, “there has been so much that EarthCube has done to seed the future of Geosciences, but so little of it is directly visible.”

This session will bring those seeds to light. By giving us a map to understand how far we have already come, attendees will gain a new, straightforward, and purposeful idea of what we as a group want EarthCube to be.


  • Simon Goring (website)


Register for the All Hands Meeting

The 2018 All Hands Meeting is just around the corner! This year’s theme, “Platform for Integration” addresses a wide variety of topics, from hands-on demo of the P418 pilot project on EarthCube-related use cases, to audience engagement. Reserve your spot today!

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