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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Leaders: Denise Hills, Maša Prodanović
Description: This project will develop and promote Community Participation Guidelines and establish a third party reporting system to handle complaints.
Image by Brian Wangenheim
Sustainability models
Leader: Basil Tikoff
Description: This project is focused on characterizing different successful approaches to system-wide sustainability with respect to digital data, and communicating these approaches to the broader EarthCube and Geoscience communities.
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Developing standardized notebooks
Leader: Donata Giglio
Description: This initiative is part of a long term commitment to promote well- documented and easily reusable code that leverages EarthCube tools. Though future opportunities may be open to other programming environments, the present call is restricted to Python 3 notebooks.
doing work together
Learning Communities
Leaders: Emma Aronson, Dave Fulker
Description: This project will work to develop learning communities across EarthCube, using data analysis notebooks as an area of commonality. Webinars will be created as an outreach tool for this effort.
Geoscientist Engagement
Leader: D. Sarah Stamps
Description: This project will engage more scientists with EarthCube technologies by developing and hosting a synchronous 3 hour virtual training workshop in Spring 2021 for an EarthCube technology that will result in the following outcomes: a 3 hour workshop template to help projects create a website, videos, curriculum, pre-survey, post-survey, and follow-up survey about continued use.
Image by Jeff King
Geoscience 2020 Revisited
Leader: Emma Aronson
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