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Active EarthCube Research Networks
Image by Markus Spiske
What About Model Data?

Determining Best Practices for Archiving and Reproducibility of Geoscience Model Output.

Image by Ivan Bandura
Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN)

The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) integrates the efforts of sediment experimentalists to build a knowledge base for guidance on best practices for data collection and management.

is-geo graphic.jpg
Intelligent Systems and Geosciences

Connect with the IS-GEO network and innovate with a community of researchers bridging Intelligent Systems and Geosciences. Joins us for monthly telecons and SME lecture series.

Advancing the Analysis of High Resolution Topography

This EarthCube RCN brings together Earth science researchers and experts in cyberinfrastructure to coordinate and develop work-flows and best practices. We are identifying places where new tools and computational infrastructure can yield new research impacts, and are developing recommendations for NSF investments in HRT technology going forward.

Towards Integration of Heliophysics Data, Modeling,Analysis Tools

Heliophysics is in the core of the Geospace science because the solar activity directly determines the conditions of the Earth space environment and atmosphere. 

EC Oceanography & Geobiology Environment Omics 

From environment, to base pairs, to ocean science and geobiology: Defining the tools and technologies for an interoperable environmental ‘omics cyberinfrastructure. Identify community needs and develop necessary plans to create a federated cyberinfrastructure to enable ocean and geobiology environmental ‘omics.

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