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Geoscience during the pandemic: #shareEGU20 & #DataHelpDesk

Like many organizations at this time, the European Geosciences Union (EGU) has needed to quickly convert their planned annual event from an in-person meeting to a virtual one. They’ve kindly opened up their May 4-8, 2020 virtual assembly broadly so that anyone can attend at no charge, so this is an unexpected opportunity to take the global pulse of geosciences work. Find something useful? Please share it at this week!

In addition to some live events and open browsing of recorded videos, posters, and slide sets, a number of EarthCube members are taking part in the #DataHelpDesk, sponsored cooperatively by EGU, AGU, ESIP, and EarthCube. Much of this will take place during the week as asynchronous Q&A over Twitter (search for #DataHelpDesk). Anyone can pose a question on Twitter using the tag #DataHelpDesk, and 60 data experts have volunteered to provide answers. Find details and view tutorials and demos offered for the event at

More Links and Highlights:

EGU20 Scientific Programme – search by Discipline or Session

  • ESSI1 – Community-driven challenges and solutions dealing with Informatics

  • ESSI2 – Infrastructures across the Earth and Space Sciences

  • ESSI3 – Open Science 2.0 Informatics for Earth and Space Sciences

  • ESSI4 – Visualization for scientific discovery and communication

Most session materials (“Displays” – poster, slide, paper, video) are available online to browse as you wish. Update: to interact with an author asynchronously, leave a comment (button below each abstract); responses arrive by email. Abstracts and materials are available through May 31, 2020.

If you want to join a live event, see: How to participate in the live-streamed sessions. Note the time difference (adjust URL to your zone; events are 6 hrs ahead of EDT).

There’s much to appreciate! Share your finds on EarthCube Slack.

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