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EarthCube Scientific Workflow Training Session

On March 16, 2021 from 8A-11A Pacific time, an EarthCube training session will be held to introduce participants to science workflows. We believe workflows are a key way to improve transparency, speed up time-to-science and provide better sustainability for science processes. At this session, we will assist in helping participants create, optimize and share their science workflows.

Other benefits of workflows and workflow training include:

  • Workflows can be cited as research artifacts (in addition to software and data) for better transparency of research methods and conformance to FAIR principles.

  • By identifying and laying out the particular components and interfaces of a workflow, it is easier to make decisions about how to best integrate standards and open source tools. This can lead to increased collaboration, more stability and better sustainability of workflows.

  • A describable workflow helps in the training of new staff and students about your science processes.

  • When the resources needed for each step of a workflow are defined, it is easier to identify bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

  • Engaging students in the process of creating workflows helps bolster the importance of data science methods in developing careers.

If you are interested in participating, please register using this online form by March 5th. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you!

This training session is sponsored by the EarthCube Science Engagement Team/Geoscience Engagement Working Group and EarthCube’s ASSET project.

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