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Call for Abstracts - due March 25

The EarthCube Community welcomes everyone who is interested in the intersection between cyberinfrastructure and the geosciences to join us at the 2022 EarthCube Annual Meeting to be held June 14-16, 2022 in San Diego (La Jolla), California.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Building Beyond”. The people of EarthCube have built increased capacity within the Earth sciences over the past decade. This year’s meeting recognizes the ways in which this community supports researchers, and how EarthCube is moving science forward into the future.

The heart of EarthCube is people. We put people first and do our best to recognize, appreciate, and respect the diversity of our global contributors. EarthCube welcomes contributions from everyone who shares our interests and wants to contribute in a healthy and constructive manner within our community.

Meeting objectives:

  • Share novel approaches and architectures used in geoscience research.

  • Foster learning and collaboration.

  • Learn about opportunities and sustainability plans for EarthCube.

  • Promote topics that enhance the Earth Sciences.

  • And of course, networking!

Call For abstracts: We welcome abstracts for Notebooks, Posters, Oral & Working sessions.

COVID precautions:

We are closely monitoring the current situation and will follow UC San Diego guidance on hosting events. This includes wearing masks indoors and requiring proof of full vaccination status or negative covid-19 tests within 48 hours of the event start. We are optimistic that we will see many of you in San Diego this summer.

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