Poster Sessions

Poster Downloads Now Available

Each poster should not be larger than 45" wide by 46" long.

As with many scientific meetings and conferences, the poster sessions will be the key communication platform.  Posters are expected to be up by breakfast on the day of presentation, they will be grouped thematically, and will be presented in the last hour of the 1.5 hr lunch break.  Posters will remain up for the day, in the same room as the lunch buffet, directly adjacent to the main meeting hall.  The schedule for the poster sessions will provide time for unstructured discussion, and for meeting with potential collaborators.

Abstract Submissions

The Submission deadline for poster abstracts has passed. The All Hands Meeting Organizing Committee will be inviting speakers to submit their abstracts separately.

Abstract submissions will be 300 words in length with an optional figure. All proposals are subject to review by the All Hands Meeting Organizing Committee. Notification of approval will be given by April 30, 2017. The Organizing Committee members will accept only a single poster per presenter.  Individuals may be a co-author on multiple posters.

In particular, we are interested in posters that:

  • Showcase domain science using EarthCube tools;

  • Introduce science questions or projects looking to integrate EarthCube infrastructure;

  • Pair EarthCube Infrastructure with projects that use the tools;

  • Showcase educational outcomes using EarthCube Tools (notebooks, workshops, courses);

  • Are EarthCube Tools;

  • Discuss Science - proof of concepts;

  • Are of Integration activities that link EarthCube Building Blocks;

  • Show results from Research Coordination Networks; or

  • Other posters dealing with social components of EarthCube Research or topics not covered here.

Electronic demonstrations are welcome, and if your poster is directly related to another poster, please let us know in advance.