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EarthCube Architecture Workshop: June 19-20, 2015, La Jolla, CA 

Architecture Working Group In-person Meeting: August 20, 2015, Seattle, WA

The EarthCube Archiecture working group is chartered to identify viable paths for developing an architecture to support EarthCube. This WG leverages the current funded conceptual design projects and the experts from Council of Data Facilities as well as the Science committee. A bi-weekly teleconferences is being held to enumerate, compare, and contrast ideas and approaches and formulate a presentation (organize a session) for the All-hands meeting.  A face to face meeting (workshop) is being scheduled to draft a white paper to articulate the roadmap for develoing an architecture for EarthCube operation.



Basil Gomez, Co-Chair
Emily Law
Stefano Nativi
Jay Pearlman
Mohan Ramamurthy, Co-Chair
Stephen Richard
Phil Yang, Co-Chair
Ilya Zaslavsky, Co-Chair

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Next Call: 11am PDT, 2pm EST. 4.29

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