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Groupsort ascending Group Type Description Actions Forum
Use Cases WG
Working Groups The goal of this working group, which has now concluded its work, was to collect a... Use Cases WG
Testbed Working Group
Working Groups The Testbed Working Group (TWG) is working to design an EarthCube Test and Integration... Testbed Working Group
Tech Hands Meeting
Working Groups April 8-10, 2015Scripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, California Read the Final... Tech Hands Meeting
TAC Gap Analysis
Working Groups Introduction The EarthCube funded projects provide vital insight into the technologies... TAC Gap Analysis
Standards Working Group
Working Groups Links to current work:  Standards WG files (google drive folder) Standards Compilation... Standards Working Group
Semantic Infrastructure Working Group
Working Groups Introduction The Semantic Infrastructure Working Group facilitates and communicates the... Semantic Infrastructure Working Group
Sci-Tech Workshop
Working Groups EarthCube Science & TAC Committees Sci–Tech Workshop April 23-24, 2015 Hotel Shattuck... Sci-Tech Workshop
External Advisory Group (EAG)
Working Groups External Advisory Group  Ari Asmi, University of Helsinki Nirav Merchant, University of...
Architecture WG
Working Groups Events EarthCube Architecture Workshop: June 19-20, 2015, La Jolla, CA  Architecture... Architecture WG
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Uniform Semantics and Syntax of Solar Observations and Events
Working Groups Modern studies of the Sun involve coordinated observations collected from a collage of...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Progress toward Heliophysics data science through interdisciplinary activities
Working Groups The hallmarks of Heliophysics are variability, complexity, and a continuously evolving...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Cross-Analysis and Validation of the Heliophysics Models, Laboratory Experiments, and Observations
Working Groups Dramatic increase in observational data flow from ground and space telescopes (e.g., SDO...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Benchmark Datasets for Reproducible Data-driven Science in Solar Physics
Working Groups Many recent, important advances in the broad fields of data-driven knowledge discovery...