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EarthCube Data Discovery Hub
Funded Projects - Building Blocks The Data Discovery Studio is ready to use - take it for a test drive at http://...
EarthCube Data Science Publications
Interest Groups 4. Data Science Publication Commons (July 17, 2014) The product is a Data Publication... EarthCube Data Science Publications
EarthCube Integration and Testing Environment (ECITE)
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity ECITE - The EarthCube Integration and Test Environment, an outgrowth of activities of the... EarthCube Integration and Testing Environment (ECITE)
EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO)
Support Together, the EarthCube Science Support Office (ESSO) staff brings over five decades of...
Funded Projects - RCNs Earth-Centered Communication for Cyberinfrastructure — Challenges of Field Data... EC3
Engagement Team
Governance Join the group email   This team merged with the Science & Engagement Team (June... Engagement Team
Engaging the Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean (GRISO) Science Network
Funded Projects - RCNs Greenland ice loss quadrupled over the last two decades and presently accounts for one...
Enhancing Paleontological and Neontological Data Discovery
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview The connectivity between modern and fossil, and specimen and literature-based...
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity ePANDDA: EarthCube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Enhancing Paleontological and... ePANDDA
External Advisory Group (EAG)
Working Groups External Advisory Group  Ari Asmi, University of Helsinki Nirav Merchant, University of...
Geochronology Frontier at the Laboratory-Cyberinformatics Interface
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity This project supports a partnership between geochronologists who have built and run...
Funded Projects - Building Blocks We are establishing the GeoDataspace framework, a cyberinfrastructure that will... GeoDataspace
GeoDeepDive (Cognitive Computer Infrastructure)
Funded Projects - Building Blocks GeoDeepDive: A cognitive computer infrastructure to support geoscience Digital library... Cognitive Computer Infrastructure
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Semantics and Linked Data for the Geosciences A growing collection of standard protocols... GeoLink
GeoSciCloud: Deploying Multi-Facility Cyberinfrastructure in Commercial and Private Cloud-based Systems
Funded Projects - Building Blocks It is common to hear that it is optimal to perform computations necessary for the...
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Many challenges hinder the seamless integration of models with data. These challenges... Geo-Semantics
GeoTrust: Improving Sharing and Reproducibility of Geoscience Applications
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Scientific reproducibility -- the ability to independently verify the work of other...
GeoWS - Geoscience Web Services
Funded Projects - Building Blocks The GeoWS approach is to enable search, discovery, and access by similarly constructed... GeoWS - Geoscience Web Services
ICEBERG: Imagery Cyberinfrastructure and Extensible Building-Blocks to Enhance Research in the Geosciences
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Polar geosciences stands at the precipice of a revolution, one enabled by the confluence...
Integrated GeoScience Observatory
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview The Integrated Geoscience Observatory is a pilot project that creates an online...
Intelligent Databases and Analysis Tools for Geospace Data
Funded Projects - Data Infrastructure To facilitate interdisciplinary research on solar influences, this projecct will develop...
IS-GEO: Intelligent Systems Research to Support Geosciences
Funded Projects - RCNs IS-GEO This project will foster collaborations between computer...
Funded Projects - RCNs The Internet of Samples in the Earth Sciences (iSamples) The iSamples RCN seeks to... iSamples
Laying the Groundwork for an Ocean Protein Portal
Funded Projects - Data Infrastructure METATRYP  A web interface to examine the presence of peptide sequences within marine...
Leadership Council
Governance   The Leadership Council is the elected voice of the EarthCube community, setting the... Leadership Council
Leveraging Semantics and Crowdsourcing in Data Sharing and Discovery
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Overview A wide spectrum of maturing methods and tools, collectively characterized as...
Liaison Team
Governance Join the group email This Team Merged with The Science & Engagement Team (June 2020... Liaison Team
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity LinkedEarth: Crowdsourcing Data Curation & Standards Development in Paleoclimatology... LinkedEarth
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Atmosphere Coupling
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview This project will create a new, unique set of high-latitude electro-dynamic,...
Marine Annually Resolved Proxy Archives
Interest Groups Marine annually-resolved proxy archives (MARPA), including corals, mollusks, alga,... Marine Annually Resolved Proxy Archives