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Funded Projects - Integrative Activity X-DOMES Ontology Registry Enables the creation of resolvable links to term definitions so... X-DOMES
Use Cases WG
Working Groups The goal of this working group, which has now concluded its work, was to collect a... Use Cases WG
Transformative Research & Collaboration
Funded Projects - Conceptual Designs Enterprise Architecture for Transformative Research and Collaboration Across the... Transformative Research & Collaboration
THROUGHPUT: Standards and Services for Community Curated Repositories
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Data heterogeneity and accessibility are major barriers to scientific progress. Many...
The Power of Many: Ensemble Toolkit for Earth Sciences
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Ensemble Toolkit (EnTK) is a Python framework for developing and executing applications...
That dot is a world! Drilling down from a statistics scatterplot to pre-populated case Notebooks
Funded Projects - Building Blocks DRILSDOWN ipython_IDV  3D visualizations in the IDV can be logged in a Jupyter notebook...
Testbed Working Group
Working Groups The Testbed Working Group (TWG) is working to design an EarthCube Test and Integration... Testbed Working Group
Technology and Architecture Committee
Governance Join the group email The Technology and Architecture Standing Committee is tasked with... Technology and Architecture Committee
Tech Hands Meeting
Working Groups April 8-10, 2015Scripps Institution of OceanographyLa Jolla, California Read the Final... Tech Hands Meeting
TAC Gap Analysis
Working Groups Introduction The EarthCube funded projects provide vital insight into the technologies... TAC Gap Analysis
Strabospot: Development of an Integrated Data System for the Geological Field Sciences
Funded Projects - Building Blocks StraboSpot StraboSpot is a digital data system that allows researchers to collect and...
Standards Working Group
Working Groups Links to current work:  Standards WG files (google drive folder) Standards Compilation... Standards Working Group
Solar-Terrestrial Research
Interest Groups The coming decade will see the routine use of solar-terrestrial data of unprecedented... Solar Terrestrial Research
Software Stewardship for the Geosciences
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Overview This building blocks project is to research and develop a system whereby...
Funded Projects - RCNs The Sediment Experimentalist Network (SEN) integrates the efforts of sediment... SEN (Sediment Experimentalists Network)
Semantic Infrastructure Working Group
Working Groups Introduction The Semantic Infrastructure Working Group facilitates and communicates the... Semantic Infrastructure Working Group
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity SeaView Goals The ability to find, access, and visualize data is critical to many kinds... SeaView
Science Committee
Governance The Science Standing Committee is tasked with maintaining the connection between the... Science Committee
Sci-Tech Workshop
Working Groups EarthCube Science & TAC Committees Sci–Tech Workshop April 23-24, 2015 Hotel Shattuck... Sci-Tech Workshop
Scalable Community Driven Architecture
Funded Projects - Conceptual Designs SC-DA: A Scalable Community-Driven Architecture   Conceptual Framework Caltech, Element84... Scalable Community Driven Architecture
Rock Deformation & Mineral Physics
Interest Groups This interest group addresses the current state and future directions of... Rock Deformation & Mineral Physics
Research Coordination Network for High-Performance Distributed Computing in the Polar Sciences
Funded Projects - RCNs Overview The Polar Research Coordination Network aims to connect the Polar Science, Data...
Polar Data Insights and Search Analytics for the Deep and Scientific Web
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Project Summary We will deliver a Polar Deep Insights system that collects, analyzes, and...
Planet Microbe
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Planet Microbe: Enabling the discovery and integration of oceanographic 'omics,...
Pangeo: An Open Source Big Data Climate Science Platform
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity “Pangeo: An Open Source Big Data Climate Science Platform” is a project designed to solve...
Paleo/Geo/Rock Magnetism
Interest Groups The paleomagnetism, geomagnetism, and rock magnetism communities include a wide variety... Paleo/Geo/Rock Magnetism
Optimal Data Layout for Scalable Geophysical Analysis in a Data-intensive Environment
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview The team will work closely to develop, evaluate, and deploy the computer...
Funded Projects - Building Blocks   OntoSoft: A Community Software Commons for the Geosciences The... OntoSoft
OG Testing WG2
Test #2 for OG groups related groups
OG Testing WG1
This is a test of a sub-group of the OG Testing group The group is public