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@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Benchmark Datasets for Reproducible Data-driven Science in Solar Physics
Working Groups Many recent, important advances in the broad fields of data-driven knowledge discovery...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Cross-Analysis and Validation of the Heliophysics Models, Laboratory Experiments, and Observations
Working Groups Dramatic increase in observational data flow from ground and space telescopes (e.g., SDO...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Progress toward Heliophysics data science through interdisciplinary activities
Working Groups The hallmarks of Heliophysics are variability, complexity, and a continuously evolving...
@HDMIEC RCN Working Group: Uniform Semantics and Syntax of Solar Observations and Events
Working Groups Modern studies of the Sun involve coordinated observations collected from a collage of...
@HDMIEC RCN: Towards Integration of Heliophysics Data, Modeling, and Analysis Tools
Funded Projects - RCNs @HDMIEC RCN Heliophysics is in the core of the Geospace science because the solar...
A unified experimental-natural digital data system for cataloging and analyzing rock microstructures
Funded Projects - Data Infrastructure The researchers collaborating on this project will develop a single digital data system...
Accelerating Scientific workflowS using EarthCube Technologies (ASSET)
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity A major need in the geosciences is to reduce the amount of time geoscientists spend on "...
Advancing Biogeoscience Community Standards and Cyberinfrastructure via Critical Zone Domain Engagement in Synthesis Science
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview This project lays the groundwork for the whole-earth analysis and simulation...
Advancing netCDF-CF
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Advancing netCDF-CF for the Geoscience Community This project aims to enhance netCDF-CF...
Advancing the Analysis of High Resolution Topography (A2 HRT)
Funded Projects - RCNs Advancing the Analysis of High Resolution Topography (A2 HRT) Technologies such as lidar...
Alliance Testbed Project (ATP)
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity This Integrative Activity will apply technologies and approaches developed within... Alliance Testbed Project (ATP)
Architecture WG
Working Groups Events EarthCube Architecture Workshop: June 19-20, 2015, La Jolla, CA  Architecture... Architecture WG
Funded Projects - Building Blocks The BCube team is exploring the use of brokering technologies, i.e. software components... BCube
Brokered Alignment of Long-Tail Observations (BALTO)
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Driven by data-rich use cases that span geodesy, geodynamics, seismology, and...
Funded Projects - RCNs The C4P project establishes and operates the EarthCube Research Coordination Network (RCN... C4P
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences (CHORDS) ... CHORDS
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Search the CINERGI Data Portal Community Inventory of EarthCube Resources for Geosciences... CINERGI
Council of Data Facilities
Governance Join the Council of Data Facilities' group email Geoscience data facilities will enable... Council of Data Facilities
Council of Funded Projects (CFP)
Governance The Council of Funded Projects is designed as a working group for interaction of...
CRESCYNT: Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network
Funded Projects - RCNs We were very excited to host two intensive workshops focused on data...
CyberConnector: Bridging the Earth Observations and Earth Science Modeling for Sup-porting Model Validation, Verification, and Inter-comparison
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Overview CyberConnector is designed to extensively adopt open geospatial standards/...
Cyberinfrastructure for U-series Geochronologic Data
Interest Groups Uranium-series geochronology plays a critical role in understanding the time-scales and... Cyberinfrastructure for U-series Geochronologic Data
CyberWay--Integrated Capabilities of EarthCube Building Blocks for Facilitating Cyber-based Innovative Way of Interdisciplinary Geoscience Studies
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity This project seeks to build a system of systems, a "CyberWay," through integrating the...
Data-Oriented & Human-Centric
Funded Projects - Conceptual Designs DAsHER: Developing a Data-Oriented Human-Centric Enterprise Architecture for EarthCube  ... Data-Oriented & Human-Centric
Digital Rocks Portal: A Sustainable Platform for Sharing, Translation, and Analysis of Volumentric Data of Porous Media
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity Overview Digital Rocks is a data portal for fast storage and retrieval of images of...
Digital Crust: Macrostrat Component (Rockd)
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Digital Crust: Macrostrat Component (Rockd) The Macrostrat component of Digital Crust... Digital Crust
Discrete & Continuous Data (DisConBB)
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Building Block on Integrating Discrete and Continuous Data: Bridging the “digital divide... Discrete & Continuous Data (DisConBB)
Earth System Bridge
Funded Projects - Building Blocks Earth System Bridge:  Spanning Scientific Communities with Interoperable Modeling... Earth System Bridge
Earth-Life Consortium (ELC)
Funded Projects - Integrative Activity The Earth-Life Consortium (ELC) seeks to make all paleobiological data easily... Earth Life Consortium (ELC)
Funded Projects - Building Blocks EarthCollab: Enabling Scientific Collaboration and Discovery through Semantic Connections... Enabling Scientific Collaboration and Discovery through Semantic Connections