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The goal of this working group, which has now concluded its work, was to collect a library of user scenarios (originally called use cases) that can be used to drive the development of requirements and architecture decisions for EarthCube. User scenarios can be used for several purposes, and their content and structure varies with the particular purpose. In this case, the goal was to aggregate use cases that are specific and technical enough that they can drive architectural decisions. The target audiences of this effort was primarily the TAC and its other working groups (e.g. Gap, Testbed, Architecture, and Standards WGs).

The group has developed a user scenario template for collecting scenaros through interviews with scientists, a summary form of that template that scientists can fill out themselves to briefly outline a user scenario for later follow-up, a library of 50 completed use cases, and a published paper giving a summary/synthesis of the outcomes (linked below).


  • Paper describing the effort and its outcomes: Stocks, KI, Schramski, S, Virapongse, A, Kempler, L. 2019. Geoscientists’ Perspectives on Cyberinfrastructure Needs: a Collection of User Scenarios. Data Science Journal, 18: 21, pp. 1–15. DOI:
  • Digital collection of user scenarios, user scenario template, and supporting documentation:


  • Karen Stocks, Chair
  • Lisa Kempler, Co-chair
  • Arika Virapongse, interviewer
  • Sam Schramski, interviewer
  • Yolanda Gil
  • Tanu Malik
  • Chris Mattman
  • Scott Peckham
  • ​Sam Schramski
  • Plato Smith