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The Technology and Architecture Standing Committee is tasked with facilitating the development of the EarthCube technology, including stewardship of the ongoing architecture. The Technology and Architecture Standing Committee occasionally coordinates with the Science Standing Committee to ensure that scientific research needs for technology drive the development of the EarthCube architecture.

The TAC hosts regular 1.5 hr long telecons bi-weekly on Thursday (during the Fall) at 1:30 pm PST/ 4:30 pm EST. All are welcome to join. Call-in information and the full schedule are available on the Calendar. Notes from past meetings are available in the TAC Google folders.  
Co-Chair/Leadership Council Representative: Rebecca Koskela, DataONE  (November 2016 - May 2018)
Co-chair: Jay Pearlman, J&F Enterprises  (January 2016 - December 2017)


The online election for the Technology and Architecture Committee (TAC) co-Chair will be from December 11-22, 2017.  This position will replace Jay Pearlman who will complete his two-year term at the end of the year.

Term of service:  two years (Jan 1, 2018-Dec 31, 2019).

Nominations for co-Chair will be accepted until December 1, 2017. Please send nominations (including self-nominations) to Lynne Schreiber and include a brief biographical sketch, statement of intent, and photo.

The TAC co-Chairs have joint responsibility for operation of the Committee. The co-Chair who is not the Committee's representative to the Leadership Council will typically chair and, in consultation with the other co-chair, develop the agenda for Committee meetings. Rebecca Koskela is the current  Committee representative on EarthCube’s Leadership Council and  this election is for the other co-Chair.

The Technology and Architecture Committee is tasked with facilitating the development of the EarthCube technology, including stewardship of the ongoing architecture. The Technology and Architecture Committee occasionally coordinates with the Science Committee to ensure that scientific research needs for technology drive the development of the EarthCube architecture.

Eligible voters include EarthCube members who attend the Committee’s monthly meetings and are members of the listserv group. Voters will receive their ballots by email.

Current Activities
Architecture Refinement Workshop, held in Boulder, CO on July 10-12, 2017.  Final Report
Recent Documents
Use Case Working Group Reports  / Summary (Spring 2017) 
TAC Review of Archetecture Implementation Plan. (Feb 2017)    The LC review of Archetecture Implementation Plan. (March 2017)
Archetecture Implementation Plan (AIP) Documents (Xentity) (November 2016)
David Arctur and colleagues have provided a series of documents as a starting point (EarthCube AIP References).
Architecture Workshop : Final Report and References  (May 2016)
Recent Presentations
2017 Funded Projects
Joe Hamman, Pangeo   slides   video
Simon Goring, THROUGHPUT  slides   video
Bonnie Hurwitz & Elisha Wood-Charlson, Planet Microbe   slides   video
Sasha Kosovichev, Intelligent databases and Analysis tools for Geospace data   slides   video
Julie Newman, A unified experimental-natural digital data system for analysis of rock microstructures   slides   video
Heather Lynch and Shantenu Jha, ICEBERG   slides   video    web
Liping Di, CyberWay   slides   video
Dan Fuka and Dave Fulker, BALTO   slides   video
Cindy Bruyere, Asset  slides  video
TBA, Geochronology Frontier at the Laboratory-cyberinformatics Interface
TBA, Connecting the Earth Science and Cyberinfrastructure communities to advance the analysis of high resolution topography data
Doug Fils - Update on CDF registry August 10, 2017  Slides   video
Virtual Research Networks (Summer 2017)
Jonathon Ross (Geoscience Australia, Data Cube)  video
Stefano Nativi (National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IIA))   video 
Michael Diepenbroeck (Pangea)    video   slides
John Towns (XSEDE)  slides   video    best known practices and lessons learned
Keith Jeffery (EPOS)  slides   video
Ivan Rodero (OOI)  slides   video
Eric Lyons (CyVerse)  slides, Video
Ben Evans (NCI ANU Australia)  slides, Video
Matt Jones (DataONE)  slides, Video
Use Case Working Group Presentation- Karen Stocks (Spring 2017)
Video clips featuring Earthcube tools, recorded during a SCI-TECH Match up Series (Spring 2017)

Funded Project presentations:
Ensemble Toolkit for Earth Sciences. The Power of Many  Shantenu Jha (Rutgers University)
Polar Data Insights and Search Analytics for the Deep and Scientific Web   Chris Mattmann
Deploying Multi-Facility Cyberinfrastructure in Commercial and Private Cloud-based Systems  (GeoSciCloud). Tim Ahern (IRIS)
Collaborative Research: Engaging the Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean (GRISO) Science Network   David Sutherland (University of Oregon)
That dot is a world! Drilling down from a statistics scatterplot to pre-populated case Notebooks   Brian Earle Mapes
GeoTrust: Improving Sharing and Reproducibility of Geoscience Applications   Tanu Malik (University of Chicago)
An Expanded Implementation of Cloud-Hosted Real-Time Data Services for the Geosciences -CHORDS, Mike Daniels (UCAR)
EarthCube Data Discovery Hub   Ilya Zaslavsky (San Diego SuperComputer Center)
Intelligent Systems Research to Support Geosciences-IS-GEO  Suzanne A Pierce (University of Texas)
Development of an Integrated Data System for the Geological Field Sciences Doug Walker (University of Kansas)
Laying the Groundwork for an Ocean Protein Portal Mak Saito (Woods Hole Ocean Institute)
Architecture Implementation Plan David Arctur (Fall 2016)


Connecting EarthCube Projects to the Data Facilities: Yolanda Gil, Chris MacDermaid 
TAC Overview Presentation at the EarthCube 2015 All Hands Meeting: Yolanda Gil and Jay Pearlman
30 November 2015 TAC Overview Presentation to the Science Committee: Yolanda Gil

TAC Working Groups
The work of the TAC is carried out by members of various working groups listed here.  TAC Working Groups are focusing on Architecture, Testbeds, Gap Analysis, Standards and Standards Bodies, Technologies, and Use Cases (to guide cyberinfrastructure requirements). Final Working Group reports (when completed) are available from the TAC working groups page.