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The EarthCube funded projects provide vital insight into the technologies that are important for EarthCube and a vision into the architecture of a future EarthCube. Thus, there is a critical need to aggregate, coordinate, and articulate accurate and comprehensive information about the funded projects across the EarthCube community, and identify gaps in capabilities. The primary goal of this working group is to consolidate understanding about these projects, especially the available interfaces, and document outputs and interactions that projects have with each other as they progress. The working group, in its preliminary discussions, has realized that PIs/co-PIs and stakeholders for funded projects often do not have the resources to make the connections and so the working group will serve as a coordinator for the funded projects so that transparent, accurate, reliable, and timely information on the project deliverables, outcomes, prototypes, and websites are made available in a consistent manner.


Plato Smith, Chair

Tanu Malik, Co-chair

Anna Kelbert, Co-chair

Gary Berg-Cross

Emily Law

Mike Daniels

Janet Fredericks

Steve Diggs