Ensemble Toolkit (EnTK) is a Python framework for developing and executing applications comprised of multiple sets of tasks, aka ensembles. EnTKhas the following unique features: (i) abstractions that enable the expression of various task graphs, (ii) abstraction of resource management and task execution, (iii) Fault tolerance as a first order concern and (iv) well-established runtime capabilities to enable efficient and dynamic usage of grid resources and supercomputers. http://radicalentk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

The study of hazards and renewable energy are paramount for the development and sustainability of society. Similarly, the emergence of new climatic patterns pose new challenges for future societal planning. Geospatial data are being generated at unprecedented rate exceeding our analysis capabilities and leading towards a data-rich but knowledge-poor environment. The use of advanced computing tools and techniques are playing an increasingly important role in contributing to solutions to problems of societal importance. This project will create specialized computational tools that will enhance the ability of scientists to effectively and efficiently study natural hazards and renewable energy. The use of these tools will support novel methods and the use of powerful computing resources in ways that are not currently possible.

Many scientific applications in the field of Earth Sciences are increasingly reliant on “ensemble-based” methods to make scientific progress. This is true for applications that are both net producers of data, as well as aggregate consumers of data. In response to the growing importance and pervasiveness of ensemble-based applications and analysis, and to address the challenges of scale, simplicity and flexibility, we propose the Ensemble Toolkit for Earth Sciences. The Ensemble Toolkit will provide an important addition to the set of capabilities and tools that will enable the Earth Science community to use high-performance computing resources more efficiently, effectively and in an extensible fashion. This project represents the co-design of Ensemble Toolkit for Earth Sciences and is a collective effort of an interdisciplinary team of cyberinfrastructure and domain scientists. It will also support the integration of the Ensemble Toolkit with a range of science applications, as well as its use in solving scientific problems of significant societal impact that are currently unable to utilize the collective capacity of supercomputers, campus clusters and clouds.