Digital Rocks is a data portal for fast storage and retrieval of images of varied porous micro-structures. It has the purpose of enhancing research resources for modeling/prediction of porous material properties in the fields of Petroleum, Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Geology. This platform allows managing and preserving available images of porous materials and experiments performed on them, and any accompanying measurements (porosity, capillary pressure, permeability, electrical, NMR and elastic properties, etc.) required for both validation on modeling approaches and the upscaling and building of larger (hydro)geological models.

Benefits to Scientists

Our mission is to:

•Organize and preserve images and related experimental measurements of different porous materials,
•Improve access to them for a wider community of geosciences and engineering researchers not necessarily trained in computer science or data analysis, and thus
•Enhance productivity and enable scientific inquiry and engineering decisions founded on a data-driven basis.

Project Deliverables

How to use the Digital Rocks Portal: https://www.digitalrocksportal.org/usage

Browse published projects: Research public datasets that are hosted on Digital Rocks. You can view, search, and download metadata, raw and derived data, and find publications related to datasets that Digital Rocks users have uploaded and published. https://www.digitalrocksportal.org/projects

Upload and publish data: Create a Project and Upload your Data. You can upload originating data, analysis data, and specimen data, as well as publications or other documents relating to your data. Register a Digital Rocks account to create your project.


Masa Prodanovic, UT Austin

Maria Esteva (data curation)

Matthew Hanlon (project implementation)

Mary Pettengill (digital curation)

Ashvini Venkatesh and Aditi Ranganath (students)

The portal uses computing resources from the University of Texas System Research Cyberinfrastructure and the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas at Austin.