The Council of Funded Projects is designed as a working group for interaction of representatives of active projects, both current and past.

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Council Functions 

The Council of Funded Projects (CFP) is a new working group (est. Oct. 2019) that serves as a base for active EarthCube projects. It functions to provide a forum for projects to interact, discover and help meet common project needs, and to help guide EarthCube's practical focus.

For example, funded projects in EarthCube are primary units of focused action, development and testing, and targeted cooperation. Projects often have some explicit flexibility in implementation, and optimization could include responsiveness to EarthCube geoscience domain communities and strategic collaboration with other EarthCube projects. Experienced EarthCube members can offer support by connecting projects to elements in geoscience, data, and technology communities and to other relevant projects. Lessons learned in the process can be offered as feedback to EC leadership and shared with the EC community in helping to move EarthCube forward. Strategies for mutual support, project interoperability, specifications, onboarding, and complementary capabilities could be likely topics of interest for this group.


The formal charge to the EarthCube Council of Funded Projects is to:

  1. discuss matters of common import to EarthCube funded projects (current, past and future) such as points of collaboration between projects,
  2. provide guidance to the EarthCube Leadership Council on strategies to help improve project interoperability and outcomes through governance initiatives, planning documents, and advocacy to NSF, and
  3. provide a forum where project participants, both senior and early career, can interact and share ideas throughout the year.

Full initial guidance to the CFP can be read here (and is referenced below).


    CFP Leadership

    • Chair of CFP: Basil Tikoff

    Current Activities

    • Meetings usually on 1st Thursday each month, 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET (calendar; agenda & login at
    • Meeting 2020-09-03
    • Meeting 2020-08-06 - ECO-projects ann. check-in process; vote on wg vs gov; how can CFP best support projects
    • Meeting 2020-07-02 - CFP role: workgroup or gov group; review of SGCI event; review of ann. mtg; project priorities
    • EarthCube Annual Meeting week of 2020-06-13 with main meeting day 2020-06-18
    • Meeting 2020-06-09 - User Onboarding as Usability + Outreach; special event with SGCI speakers. Article | Notes | Video. Special day & time: Tues. 9 June at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET
    • Meeting 2020-05-14 - Review of EGU virtual mtg, goals for EC2020 virtual mtg, Onboarding by projects
    • Meeting 2020-04-09 - COVID-19 adjustments, Data Help Desk demos, EC2020 & videos featuring projects
    • Meeting 2020-03-05 - Complete round of participating project introductions using this 2-slide template
    • Meeting 2020-02-06 - Discussion of draft Specifications and possible focus group assistance
    • Meeting 2020-01-09 - Presentation on EarthCube Resource Registry
    • Meeting 2019-12-05 - Presentation by StraboSpot (slides), Building Community, Specifications
    • Meeting 2019-11-14 - Presentations by ESIP (slides) and CHORDS (slides)
    • Meeting 2019-10-07 - Inaugural meeting

    CFP Meeting at AGU

    • CFP Face-to-Face meeting during AGU19, Tuesday, Dec. 10 at EarthCube Booth #510 (near NSF), 3:30-5:30 pm local time, Exhibition Hall - during reception with free beverages and snacks provided by the Exhibition.


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