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Poster: A Scalable Community Driven Architecture

Authors:  G. Djorgovski, S. Caltagirone, D. Crichton, T. Huang, S. Hughes, E. Law, A. Mahabal, D. Pilone, T. Pilone


Funded Project:  A Scalable Community Driven Architecture


Poster Title:  A Scalable Community Driven Architecture


Poster Summary / Abstract:

The cornerstone of EarthCube is a geosciences cyberinfrastructure that must bring together highly distributed, heterogeneous sets of data into a coherent data management and analytics infrastructure to enable scientific discovery. The Scalable Computing Driven Architecture team is preparing a proposed conceptual architecture that defines the principles, architectural views, critical topology choices, and approaches to allow for integration of data, software components, and computational services from the community into this national asset.  A key challenge is allowing for scalability and extensibility while governing its implementation and evolution.

This poster provides an overview of our approach toward defining an EarthCube cyberinfrastructure, our progress thus far, and our plans for laying the ground work for a reference architecture.  The proposed architectural concept is comprised of a functional architecture, data architecture, and technology architecture. Within each, we describe the constituent elements, identify key drivers and principles to guide the design, and suggest recommendations for consideration in constructing a long-term reference architecture.

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