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Poster: Cyber-Innovated Watershed Modeling Software Sharing

Authors: Xuan Yu, Chris Duffy, Yolanda Gil, Lorne Leonard, Gopal Bhatt

Institutes: University of Delaware, Penn State University, University of Southern California, Penn State University, Penn State University 

Affiliation with EarthCube: Advisory Board - Geosoft, PI - Geosoft, PI - Geosoft, 

Title: Cyber-Innovated Watershed Modeling Software Sharing

Abstract: Technological advances in cyberinfrastructure have allowed the development of watershed hydrology for better integration of data, information and models. The synthesis of all sources of hydrologic variables (historical, real-time, future scenarios, observed and modeled) requires advanced data acquisition, data storage, data management, data integration, software sharing, and data visualization. In this context, the cyber-innovated hydrologic research was implemented to carry out watershed-based historical climate simulations at the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory. The simulations were based on the integration of data from a hydrologic monitoring network and the multi-process multi-scale hydrologic model Penn State Integrated Hydrology Model. The collaboration was carried out using cyberinfrastructure developed under the Organic Data Science project (www.organicdatascience.org) which involved setting up on-line team tasks for creating workflows of modeling application and finally applying the model to short time hyporheic exchange flow study and long-term climate scenarios analysis. The effort reported herein demonstrated that advances in cyber-science could innovate watershed hydrology improves our ability to access and share data and sofware; allow collective development of science hypotheses, supports building models as via team participation. We simplified communications between model developers and other scientists, software professionals, students and decision makers, which improved the sustainability of hydrologic models, and promoted potential impacts of hydrologic knowledge in geoscience communities.