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GeoWS: Geoscience Web Services, An EarthCube Building Block

Title: GeoWS: Geoscience Web Services An EarthCube Building Block

Six NSF funded organizations in geosciences have formed a team to enable access to diverse data holdings in the earth sciences. GeoWS partners include Caltech, IEDA/Columbia, IRIS, SDSC/UCSD, UNAVCO, and Unidata. Our goal is to bring standardized web service access to data held by these six data centers. Our primary goal is to ease the tasks of: Data Discovery, Data Access and Data Usability.

The web services we promote include leveraging REST style interfaces to services where all information and query parameters can be included in a URL. We support URL builders to provide example URL patterns. We also advocate for similar-style human readable documentation on-line as well as computer documentation through WADL or JSON representations. Support for common client applications is included through support of common tools such as PERL, MatLab, R, wget, Python, etc. While most services return information as an XML document, simple ASCII representations are also included to aid in understandability for non-domain experts and in some instances to reduce verbosity of the XML representation.