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CHORDS: Cloud Hosted Real-time Data for the Geosciences

Title: CHORDS: Cloud Hosted Real-time Data for the Geosciences

Authors: Mike Daniels (NCAR), Sara Graves (UAH), V. Chandrasekar (CSU), Branko Kerkez (Umich), Frank Vernon (UCSD/Scripps), Charlie Martin (NCAR), Manil Maskey (UAH)

Abstract: Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services for the Geosciences (CHORDS) is a real-time data services infrastructure that will provide an easy-to-use system to acquire, navigate and distribute real-time data streams via cloud services and the Internet. It will lower the barrier to these services for small instrument teams, employ data and metadata formats that adhere to community accepted standards, and broaden access to real-time data for the geosciences community. The poster will describe our initial plans and accomplishments for this project.