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Mapping the landscape

The purpose of this session will be to introduce the ‘mapping the landscape’ project of the Liaison Team to the broader EarthCube community. The project is designed to expand the engagement of EarthCube. It will gather information related to EarthCube members' primary professional organization (AGU, GSA, ASLO etc.), effective networks,  organization and/or projects to help us create a landscape of EarthCube relevant entities.  After reviewing the project we will create a template that would be used to capture a short/simple set of relevant demographic information for each of the organizations etc. listed on the map.  The ultimate goal of the project is to develop an interactive web map that will show the locations of the headquarters of all of these organizations, with popup boxes that include their web sites and other relevant information.  This would be filled out in the future by EarthCube members to represent their other affiliations and connections.  The data captured in this template would be used to further develop connections across the landscape and assist with future collaborations.