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Leadership Council Update: 02/23/15
  • The Leadership Council approved $50,000 of LC funds to be allocated for the April Tech Hands meeting.

  • The Council is working on a proposal that would encourage and support early career domain scientists to meet with Building Block project teams and do a deep dive into their technology as it is being produced.

  • The Council met on Friday, February 20 in San Francisco to finalize near-term (deadline: May 1st) activities that can help inform the NSF's EarthCube effort. Following a day of intense discussions, the Council is moving ahead to accomplish a couple dozen action items.

  • The Council is looking for committees and teams to examine the current EarthCube Demonstration Governance Charter and consider changes that need to be made before this can be voted on in the weeks before the All Hands Meeting. The next version of the Charter will be the primary governance document for EarthCube going forward. Any member who has a suggestion or a question about the Charter is encouraged to email this to Bruce Caron (contact@earthcube.org). The goal is to have a new working draft by March 13.

  • The Council is forming teams to help produce the EarthCube strategic plan and to organize the All Hands Meeting. Calls will be made to the EarthCube membership for those who wish to join in these efforts.