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Use Cases in EarthCube: Science Driving CyberInfrastructure

Names of session leads

  • Karen Stocks, TAC Use Case Working Group Co-Lead, EC member, committed to attending
  • Emma Aronson, Science Committee Co-Chair, EC member, committed to attending
  • Ilya Zaslavsly, TAC member and PI on CINERGI Building Block, EC member, committed to attending.



            Use cases are employed within EarthCube for a variety of purposes, all related to improving the communication between end-user geoscientists and the technicians designing and developing EarthCube cyberinfrastructure. This breakout session has two goals. First, to inform the community of these activities, and showcase the various ways that use cases are fostering tight connections between scientist and developers to ensure that EarthCube develops to meet real science needs. Second, to solicit the audience to 1) ask for volunteers to participate in the governance use case efforts; 2) collect names of scientists who may have use cases to contribute; 3) provide additional informal input into EarthCube functional priorities. 

            The science needs of EarthCube have been outlined by a representative cross-section of EarthCube geoscientists in the Science Strategic Plan as 1) to quantify limits of prediction and better understand the constraints on and limits of data and model accuracy and utility, 2) to characterize the key processes, interactions and feedbacks operating at and across different temporal and spatial scales and biological, chemical, mechanical, and physical domains, and 3) to deliver a holistic, quantitative representation of critical biological, chemical, mechanical, and physical states and fluxes, to inform fundamental science and societal decisions. Through the development of use cases relevant to these scientific goals, we hope to use better communication to drive the development of cyberinfrastructure that is beneficial to geoscience.

Total Time: 90 minutes

Presentations on EC Governance Use Case Activities (30 min)

  • 15 min:  TAC Use Case Working Group (Karen Stocks - confirmed)
  • 15 min: Science Use Case Work (Emma Aronson - confirmed)

Presentations on Use Cases in Action (30 min): Three 10-min presentations on use case “success stories:

  • CINERGI (Ilya Zaslavsky, confirmed)
  • Science Committee-provided
  • GeoSoft

Audience Activity (30 min)

  • Audience members provide contact information for a later use-case interview.
  • Use case questionnaire hand-out.
  • Prioritization activity:  higher level EarthCube functions that have been identified in use cases to date (e.g. quality control, dark data, reformatting data) are listed on posters, and audience members get sticky dots to vote for those they see as important, and can write-in missing items. (We recognize that this type of input will not replace more formal requirements gathering, but it can provide an additional perspective on user needs, and also serve to engage audience members who do not have use cases to provide. )