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Moving from Invention to Innovation: Representing the capability of EarthCube technologies.

Co-conveners: Sarah Ramdeen and Stephen Slota


Invention occurs locally while innovation propagates throughout and across communities. In undertaking infrastructural work we are involved in the movement of our scientific, data and architectural inventions into 'the world' as innovations ready for uptake across disparate groups of users. Organizational, cultural, and political issues move to the forefront as various facets of wide-scale uptake, disciplinary division and data practice become the largest barriers to infrastructure adoption and use. We will focus on strategies and methods for representing and communicating the growing capabilities of EarthCube and its Building Blocks to scholars and professionals not directly or immediately involved in the project. Moving beyond product demos, how can we build excitement about EarthCube as a collaborative center and site of innovative work? In this session we will discuss the representation and demonstration of EarthCube and work towards developing communication and promotional materials with the goal of drawing new scholars and academics to EarthCube and engaging them in its ongoing planning outside of the grant-funded model. This requires a strong and consistent representation of the capabilities of the infrastructure as well as its potential in order to avoid brief engagement (“this won’t work for me”) and unwillingness to engage with the process of instituting new technology regimes. How do we identify potential technology champions and engage with them? Is there a necessary standard for representing the capability and usability of given building blocks as we begin to incorporate a central EarthCube architecture? This panel will be an introduction of issues related to representing the capabilities of a heterogeneous and developing project in the context of reaching out to new participants, testers, practicing professionals and future collaborators