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Making it Easier to Find, Use and Share the Source Data and Outputs of Research

Session Co-Leads: SiriJodha Khalsa, Jay Pearlman, Ruth Duerr

Presenters: Zach Easton, Scott Doney, Wally Fulweiler (all committed, others may be added)

Affiliations with EarthCube committees/teams/funded projects:

BCube Brokering Building Block, Technology and Architecture Committee, Science Committee, TAC and other working groups

Title of session:

Making it Easier to Find, Use and Share the Source Data and Outputs of Research – Engaging Geoscientists with Illustrative Use Cases

Brief description of session including its value for EarthCube members and related geoscience communities

This session will include presentations and demonstrations by geoscientists that have applied BCube Brokering Building Block technologies. These demonstrations show how brokering and crawling middleware enables discovery and access of data sources in hydrology, weather and climate, biogeochemistry of estuaries, permafrost dynamics and physical oceanography. The demonstration include technologies that 1) find sources of geoscience data on the web through intelligent crawling; 2) support self-publication of data in a manner that satisfies recently-enacted requirements by publishers; and 3) documents data sources used in research in a manner that facilitates reproduction and verification of those sources. Interfaces with some of the existing building blocks will be discussed and illustrated.

Information about the target audience.

The target audience is geoscientists, NSF and other agency program managers and cyberinformation experts. The session is for anyone interested in domain and cross-domain data use.