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Making Geoscience Resources More Discoverable: Connecting People, Data and Products Through the Semantic Web

Lead(s): Matt Mayernik and Tom Narock

Other Possible Presenters: Linda Rowan (EarthCollab), Bob Arko (GeoLink), Praveen Kumar and Scott Peckham (Geo-Semantics), David Arctur (DisConBB, OGC), and others

Affiliations: EarthCollab, Geo-Semantics, GeoLink, DisConBB, Council of Data Facilities, Science Committee, Liaison Team and Engagement Team

The semantic web provides the opportunity to make the geosciences more discoverable for research, education, training and outreach. Several EarthCube projects are using semantic technologies to connect people, products and data. An important basis for this approach is incorporating, sharing, and enhancing ontologies for the semantic web. This session will discuss strategies for building effective ontologies that can be shared across the geosciences. We will also discuss the ways in which geoscientists discover and organize their resources, considering use of terms, use of information platforms (i.e. university web page, ResearchGate, LinkedIn and others) and use of identifiers (i.e., ORCID and ResearchID). We will also consider connectivity and interoperability beyond the geosciences, such as with the life sciences, chemistry and physics.