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Geoscience Papers of the Future: The Importance of Software Sharing for Science Reproducibility

Names of Session Leads: Mimi Tzeng, Ji-Hyun Oh, Erin Robinson, Yolanda Gil

Other Presenters: Heath Mills, Ibrahim Demir, Suzanne Pierce, Xuan Yu

Affiliations with EarthCube: GeoSoft

Title: Geoscience Papers of the Future: The Importance of Software Sharing for Science Reproducibility

Brief Description:

The importance of data sharing has become a relatively familiar concept in the past decade, with many funding agencies and a few journals now making it mandatory for scientists to document their datasets and make them publicly accessible. Software sharing, however, or the sharing of the computational methods used to process datasets and models, is still not standard practice among geoscientists. The EarthCube GeoSoft project aims to improve software sharing in geosciences.

As part of the GeoSoft project, a group of early career scientists have embarked in writing a "geoscience paper of the future" (GPF).  A GPF is not only a peer-reviewed scientific paper documenting the results of primary research, it also fully documents how the data were processed, organized, and analyzed, from original collection as raw data to their final form within a paper's figures and tables, in enough detail that others can completely reproduce the science. It includes references to the full datasets, the software that were used to process the datasets, and provenance information in the form of a workflow or provenance record, all of which are made available in public repositories and have unique and persistent identifiers.

In this breakout session, we will introduce the concept and importance of software sharing in addition to data sharing, then present six of the twelve GPF papers in progress by members of the GeoSoft Early Career Advisory Committee from a range of geoscience disciplines and backgrounds. The presentations will be followed by ample time for discussion among breakout participants.