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Essential Variables and Associated Challenges for EarthCube Science Drivers

Proposal for EC AHM Breakout – “Essential Variables and Associated Challenges for EarthCube Science Drivers”

Session Leads and Affiliations with EarthCube:

  • Ken Rubin, EC Science Committee member and WG Chair

  • Emma Aronson, Science Committee Co-Chair

Proposed/Confirmed Presenters:

  • Dr. Josh Fisher, early-career JPL research scientist in ecosystems and biodiversity – has agreed to participate remotely

  • Dr. Steve Goldstein, senior scientist and Geochemistry department chair at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory – is participating in AHM, response pending about participating in this proposed breakout

  • Three EC RCN leads - Matty Mookerjee (EC3), Kerstin Lehnert (iSamples), and John Heidelberg (Oceanography and Geobiology Environmental 'Omics) – Matty, John and Kersitn have all confirmed.

  • Possible Ridge2000 participant TBA – integrated/coordinated cross-disciplinary studies of submarine volcanoes, from “mantle to microbe”

Committees/teams/funded projects represented

Science committee, several RCNs

Title of session

“Essential Variables and Associated Challenges for EarthCube Science Drivers”


Brief description of session including its value for EarthCube members and related geoscience communities

This proposed breakout session is intended to bring together leading scientists, whose research entails the use of large and/or interdisciplinary data sets of interest to a range of Earth Science communities. The goal of the session is to identify the common, unifying essential variables for understanding Geoscience processes, and the potential challenges associated with data collection and usage within the framework of a broader EC context. The challenges might include things like data quality, sampling rate, metadata on measurement quality, location and temporal constraints, and the nature of data streams in different domains. 

We anticipate 15 minute presentations by each of these speakers plus ample time for discussion. Such a discussion is aimed to entrain more domain scientists into the AHM and to help identify a focus for the emerging EC infrastructure.

The goals of this session are to host several presenters and to have a focused discussion on Science Driver topics and associated technical challenges of value to EarthCube, as identified by the Science Committee Science Strategic Planning effort and associated workshops in Berkeley, CA in March and April 2015.


Any information about (or for) the target audience:


We expect this breakout will be very informative for domain scientists and technologists participating in developing the EC architecture and infrastructure, and will hopefully generate lively discussion at the meeting on these important topics.



Some SC funds would be requested for partial support for some non-RCN participants, pending their acceptance.