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The EarthCubeTechnology and Architecture Committee (TAC)

TITLE: The EarthCubeTechnology and Architecture Committee (TAC)



Yolanda Gil (USC/ISI), TAC Co-Chair, TAC LC representative, EC member, committed to attending

Jay Pearlman (J&F Enterprise), TAC Co-Chair, EC member, committed to attending



This session will give an overview of the activities in the EarthCubeTechnology and Architecture Standing Committee (TAC), and collect feedback from the community on ongoing and planned work.

TAC oversees the technology and architecture development of EarthCube to assure that EarthCube infrastructure is community-driven, supports standards for interoperability, and incorporates advanced technologies to become a commonly used capability that supports scientists on their research efforts.  TAC goals include:

  • Providing stewardship of the architecture concepts and specification documents. Stewardship includes providing access to documents and change management for those documents. Provide a forum for synthesis of conceptual design and architectural approaches for EarthCube.
  • Ensuring coordination between technology development and scientific requirements, coordinating testbed processes and other mechanisms for development and validation of cyberinfrastructure components for utility in science use cases.
  • Facilitating alignment of EarthCube funded projects to foster technology integration.
  • Providing recommendations for accommodation and incorporation of different standards in EarthCube.
  • Identifying gaps in coverage of needed cyberinfrastructure capabilities, and determining recommendations on how to fill them.
  • Developing recommendations for monitoring and assessing performance of EarthCube infrastructure to ensure EarthCube is meeting end user needs.


Towards accomplishing these goals, TAC members agreed to organize the TAC activities into several working groups:


  1. Technical Requirements and Synthesis from Science Use Cases Working Group (Use Cases WG), to compile and synthesize use cases that can inform EarthCube architecture planning.
  2. Funded Projects Technology & Architecture Gap Analysis Working Group (Gap Analysis WG), to improve the flow of information about funded projects and identify gaps to promote an integrated implementation of the EarthCube architecture.
  3. Components Testbed Working Group (Testbed WG), to define a testbed that will be capable of facilitating the integration of separately funded EC components and promote collaborative planning, testing and integration of technologies.
  4. Standards and Standards Bodies (Standards WG), to assure that EarthCube infrastructure supports standards for interoperability by developing, documenting, and prototyping a workflow for coordinating standards activities.
  5. Architecture Working Group (Architecture WG), to explore approaches to EarthCube’s architecture, foster a shared terminology about architecture terms, share information about use cases and requirements for the architecture that have been collected, other existing architectures that could be models for EarthCube.
  6. Tech Hands Working Group (Tech Hands WG), to organize and conduct a face-to-face event focused on technical discussions, with the goal of identifying opportunities for better technology coordination between EarthCube projects, exploration of alternate approaches/standards, gaps and synergies, and architecture.


TAC chairs and working group chairs will present ongoing activities and gather feedback from the community.