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- Cyber Tools for Research: A tour through the hardware store of useful tools for managing your data and research work. In this webinar, Ouida Meier (EarthCube CRESCYNT, Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network) presented an overview of some of the tools available to researchers that have been developed outside of EarthCube. Thinking about how to use these in a comprehensive way has been influenced by other EarthCube projects, including the flow of needs described by OntoSoft, the utility of designing work in modular ways, and a interest in not reinventing wheels that others have worked to develop.

We culled through hundreds of tools to highlight some of the best, from free software for making beautiful workflow diagrams that are also machine-readable to data visualization tools to free large-capacity data repositories. We're all about cyberinfrastructure-readiness that also has immediate benefits for your research! CRESCYNT strongly recommends this webinar as particularly useful to coral reef researchers at all levels of current technology engagement.

This episode of the webinar series Doing Geoscience with EarthCube Tools, hosted by the EarthCube Science Committee, was presented in March 2016. Click for a recorded video of that webinar, plus slides (updated 2017).


A couple of other webinars from that series particularly relevant to CRESCYNT members:

Yolanda Gil (Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California) on Geoscience Papers of the Future. Find out more about OntoSoft or the GPF initiative, or watch this OntoSoft webinar on YouTube.

Kerstin Lehnert and Megan Carter (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) on the iSamples research coordination network - slides here


Quite a few additional presentations from a range of meetings, presentations, webinars, and online demos of EarthCube tools can be found on the EarthCube YouTube Channel. To see the latest, click on Videos or Playlists.





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