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Wednesday, June 6    
Welcome and Overview Kerstin Lehnert; Mohan Ramamurthy; Eva Zanzerkia  
The Sun, Sunspots, and Big Data: We Measure What We Can See, Is That Enough? Dean Pesnell  
Pilot Registry Project (P418): Principles and Practices Doug Fils  
Communicating Your Project through Napkin Drawing Juliana Casavan  
Breakout: Understanding Your Audience and Identifying Key Stakeholders  Nancy Maron Video
Breakout: Utilization of P418 in Science Use Cases and Workflows  Deborah Khider; Daniel Garijo; Lisa Kempler; Eric Lingerfelt [Eric Summary]  
Breakout: Integrating EarthCube Technologies into Scientific Workflows  Daniel Garijo; Mike Daniels; Cindy Bruyere; James Done; Scott Peckham [Summary Slides]  
Breakout: JupyterHub & EarthCube  Anthony Castronova; Eric Lingerfelt; David Tarboton [Eric Summary]  
Panel Session: External Partnership Opportunities

Erin Robinson; Daniel Garijo; Shelley Stall

Lightning Talks 1 Ligtning Talk Presentation Video
Welcome Reception/Poster Session 1 Poster Files  
Thursday, June 7    
EarthCube Supported Science Outcomes Ryan Abernathey; D. Sarah Stamps; Mark D. Uhen; Elisha Wood-Charlson Video
CI 2030: Community perspectives on the future need for advanced cyberinfrastructure to support science and engineering research Gwen Jacobs Video
Transforming Science through Cyberinfrastructure Manish Parashar Video [above link]
EarthCube Project Categorization and Capabilities Eric Lingerfelt; Stephen Richard; Ouida Meier [Eric Summary] Video [above link]
Breakout: Science Engagement and Outreach  Ouida Meier; Jocelyn Sessa; Amy Myrbo; Deana Pennington; Gelu Nita [Summary]  
Breakout: Environment Mapping of the Landscape Juliana Casavan  
Breakout: Sustainability of EarthCube Funded Projects Matthew Mayernik; Eric Lingerfelt [Notes] [Summary]  
Breakout: Science-Driven Workbench Infrastructure Emily Law; Ken Keiser [Summary]  
Lightning Talks 2 Lightning Talk Presentation Video
Poster Session 2 Poster Files  
Friday, June 8    
Plenary Session: What is Success? Simon Goring Video
Bridging and Bonding across New Terrain: Interrogation, Integration, Innovation Caroline Wagner Video [link above]
EarthCube Future and Next Steps