The Architecture Refinement Workshop (ARW) was held on July 10-12 at NCAR in Boulder, CO. Eighteen participants with a wide range of expertise, both within and outside of EarthCube, were selected to attend.

Defining the Architecture 

Participants in the 2017 EarthCube Architecture Refinement Workshop.Front (Left to Right):
James Davies (ESSO), Mike Daniels (NCAR), Mohan Ramamurthy (ESSO), Eric Lingerfelt (ESSO),
Emily Law (NASA/JPL), Edwin Skidmore (CyVerse), Matt Mayernik (NCAR), Ilya Zaslavsky (SDSC),
Back (Left to Right): Tim Ahern (IRIS), Dave Vieglais (DataONE), Michael Bell (CSU),
Chuck Meertens (UNAVCO), Jay Pearlman (J & F Enterprises), Siri Jodha (NSIDC), Lynne Schreiber (ESSO).
Organizers and Participants not pictured: Bob Arko (UNOLS/R2R), Doug Fils (Ocean Leadership Consortium),
Leslie Hsu (USGS), Shantenu Jha (Rutgers) and Rebecca Koskela (DataONE).

During 2016 and 2017, a tremendous amount of effort went into the process of defining an architecture for the EarthCube initiative. These efforts produced key documents and reports from workshops, an Architecture Implementation Plan and Solutions Architecture documents, a Tiger Team response and a report describing community feedback on the proposed architecture. After careful consideration by the EarthCube community and leadership, it was decided that a good next step would be to conduct an Architecture Refinement Workshop (ARW) to focus specifically on the three highest priority architecture components (Resource Discovery, Resource Registry and Resource Distribution and Access) and layout a project plan for completing work over a 10-12 month period. An organizing team comprised of EarthCube leaders was assembled and the proposal for the workshop was approved on April 19, 2017.

Outcomes and Conclusions

A plan forward was created and extensive materials were captured at the workshop that will be helpful for future efforts. In particular, the breakout materials from both the All-Hands Meeting and the ARW Workshop contained an excellent descriptions of science needs and requirements as well as technology inventories and specifications for interfaces and interoperability. Other specific actions and findings from the workshop are described in the full workshop report.

Resources from the Workshop