Below are all of the available videos (published on YouTube) and presentations from the 2017 All Hands Meeting, held in Seattle. Please note that the video/audio quality of the videos isn't the clearest; for best results, open the accompanying presentation (where available) to follow along.

PDF Schedule with Links

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Welcome and Overview

Keynote Presentation

  • Christine Borgman (U. of California, Los Angeles) - Big Data, Little Data, or No Data? Knowledge Infrastructures for the Earth Sciences  [VIDEO]

Vision for EarthCube Science

  • Ken Rubin (U. of Hawaiʻi at Manoa) - Geoscience 2020: A Vision of Science Needs Driving the Emerging EarthCube Cyberinfrastructure  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]
  • Ouida Meier (U. of Hawaiʻi at Manoa) – SCI-TECH Matchmaking  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]

Poster Session 1

Tech Overview & Breakout Pre-Brief: Mike Daniels (NCAR/EOL) [VIDEO]

State of EarthCube Science

  • Shanan Peters (U. of Wisconsin-Madison) – What We Are Doing Today with Geodeepdive's Digital Library of the Future  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]
  • Raleigh Martin (U. of California, Los Angeles) - EarthCube Tools for Doing Geoscience webinar series: New opportunities and lessons learned  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]
  • Karen Stocks (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Lisa Kempler (MathWorks) - Summary and Synthesis of EC Use Case Collection  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keynote Presentation

  • John Delaney (U. of Washington) - Understanding Our Planetary Life Support System: Next-Generation Science in the Ocean Basins  [VIDEO]

Science Applications and Engagement

  • Emma Aronson (U. of California, Riverside) - Science Applications  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]
  • J. Robert Jones (Virginia Tech) – A Case Study in Graduate Student Professional Development  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION]

Science Testbeds and Workflows

  • Kenton McHenry (NCSA, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) - The National Data Service Labs Workbench - An "App Store” for Scientific Data Management Tools and Services  [VIDEO | PRESENTATIONDEMO]
  • Bertram Ludaescher (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) - Workflows, Provenance, and Reproducibility: Telling the Whole Tale behind a Paleoclimate Reconstruction  [VIDEO | PRESENTATION 1 | PRESENTATION 2]

Poster Session 2

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summary of Breakout Sessions and Steps Forward

  • Mike Daniels (NCAR/EOL): Architecture [VIDEO]
  • Doug Fils: Workbench: [VIDEO]

Lightning Talks of New EarthCube Projects

  • Brian Mapes (U. of Miami) - DRILSDOWN  [PRESENTATION]
  • Guido Cervone (Penn State) - The Power of Many  [PRESENTATION]
  • Mike Daniels (NCAR) - An Expanded Implementation of CHORDS  [PRESENTATION]
  • Ilya Zaslavsky (U. of California San Diego) - EarthCube Data Discovery Hub  [PRESENTATION]
  • Basil Tikoff (U. of Wisconsin - Madison) - Development of an Integrated Data System for the Geological Field Sciences  [PRESENTATION]
  • Chad Trabant (IRIS) – GeoSciCloud  [PRESENTATION]
  • Tanu Malik (U. of Chicago) - GeoTrust  [PRESENTATION]
  • Nithin Krishna Ottilingam, Karanjeet Singh (U. of Southern California) - Data Insights and Search Analytics for the Deep and Scientific Web   [PRESENTATION]
  • Amy Myrbo (U. of Minnesota) - EARTHRATES  [PRESENTATION]
  • Suzanne Pierce (Texas Advanced Computing Center ) - IS-GEO RCN  [PRESENTATION]